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Ireland is known for its steep cliffs, lush meadows with woolly sheep, and medieval fortresses – not to mention its pub culture and  the lively Irish people themselves.  St. Patrick’s Day is celebrated with enough Guinness to go around, and at Christmas people who live next to the sea are even known to jump into the icy water. It’s safe to say that in Ireland, nothing is dull – especially not the “emerald” colors of even the most bucolic green pastures.

In Dublin, the capital city, one can hear the near-constant sound of distant music flowing from the alleys and pubs that dot this historic city. For some, this is all the relaxation they need; a pint and sumptuous dinner in a traditional setting. If still others are looking for excitement, there’s no shortage of that in Dublin either!

Tour ideas

Northwest Ireland


On this hiking adventure through the Northwest you get to know the ancient magical landscapes that Ireland is famous for.

Southwest Ireland


The southwest of Ireland is a mix of inlets, coves and peninsulas; making this the perfect place for walks along the clifftops or jaunts above the gorgeous beaches below.

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