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Along with those wonderful and classic places that Europe is known for, visiting the more unheard of regions, far away from the masses of tourists, can be very worthwhile. Far from the masses of tourists who swarm each season to the latest trendy spot or “must see” city (for good reason of course), we are pleased to offer private, leisure tours for families and small groups, each with its own guide, to some of the best undiscovered places around.

We have taken the intimate knowledge of local experts and created a collection of unique tours that not only shows off stunning mountains, crystal clear lakes and unique landscapes but also incorporate the cultures and customs of these remote regions. We select all destinations, hotels and experiences individually to suit your needs and wishes. We can adapt a program to include different countries, as well as combine elements of various themes in one tour.

Program types we offer

Choose your destination, level and program type. All tours from European Walking Tours can be tailored to your group.

Tour ideas

Black Forest & Alsace

Multi-Country Tours

With local experts discover charming villages, castles and forests in Austria, Germany and France. Visit local farms and cheesemakers along the first trans-regional cheese trail in Bregenzerwald.

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