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Multi-Country Tours

Europe is small – wonderful but small. So small is Europe that there are some countries close enough to each other that you might cross a border without even realizing it! So, why limit your holiday to one country only when you can experience two or three? With our multi-country tours we forget about borders all together and instead offer you, our cherished client, a cohesive, well-thought-out itinerary designed to maximize your experience and learning within a region or based on a theme. For many, taking a multi-country approach makes the most sense as it allows you to do a lot and see a lot in a relatively short time. Meanwhile, our professional guides and careful planners work hard to balance a mixture of nature and culture, and action and relaxation.

Tour ideas

E-biking Switzerland & Italy

Multi-Country Tours

A unique itinerary traveling by e-bike from the Oberengadin (Upper-Grisons in Switzerland) to Verona in Italy, home of Romeo and Juliet.

Black Forest & Alsace

Multi-Country Tours

With local experts discover charming villages, castles and forests in Austria, Germany and France. Visit local farms and cheesemakers along the first trans-regional cheese trail in Bregenzerwald.

Hiking Mont Blanc

Multi-Country Tours

Mont Blanc, the highest mountain in the Alps, attracts hikers from all over the world. The beauty and majesty of this region is hard to overstate; it should be experienced by everyone on foot at some point in their lives.

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