Over 30 years of expertise!

Who we are

We are an incoming travel agency located in Lucerne, in the heart of Switzerland. We’re proud to have served our esteemed clients for more than three decades. Our goal is to offer the best guided tours available; we actively strive to hone our skills and improve upon the previous season’s tours.

European Walking Tours provides an exclusive range of tailor-made active tours all over Europe with multi-lingual, English speaking professional tour guides for all age groups and needs. Our hiking, walking and cycling tours are designed for active travellers who take pleasure in exploring nature as well as culture. Along with some of the most amazing, classic locations Europe has to offer, we work hard to bring your clients to the more obscure, off-the-beaten-path regions. Our tours are successful due to the intimate knowledge of local experts which we heavily draw upon. Together, we’ve created a collection of unique tours that not only showcase stunning mountains, crystal clear lakes and other unique landscapes, but also incorporate the local cultural features of these remote regions.

Whether you intend to publish scheduled trips, custom tours or private guided tours, we will be happy to help you create an unforgettable experience for your clients.

Bettina Weber
Managing Director

European Walking Tours LLC

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