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Madeira Island

The islands of Madeira offer fantastic landscapes with it massive mountains, rugged cliffs, lush forests and colourful, lush flower gardens. The island’s nearly perfect climate makes Madeira an ideal destination both in winter and summer. Get to know the country, the landscapes, and the people; and you will be thrilled by this dream island!

Itinerary option

Day 1: Arrival day

Transfer from the airport to Lisbon where you will stroll through the city.

Day 2: Funchual

Fly to the Madeira Islands and transfer to the city of Funchual – the region’s capital city. This city is absolutely lovely – offering a mix of old-world, maritime charm with beautiful natural sights and gardens.

Day 3: Porto Moniz

Today’s hike starts onthe north coast of Madeira Island  where you have a romantic walk through a wooded area. In Porto Moniz you will have time to relax in a large, natural bathing pool.

Day 4: Market day

In the city centre of Funchual a colourful market takes place where vendors sell fish, vegetables, and fruit. Walk through the old town and view the architecture and street art.

Day 5: Southwest coast

Walk along Levada do Norte through one of the most fertile regions of the island. Learn about the local wine and try a glass of it!

Day 6: Gardens of the north

Today, you will visit three villages on the lush, green north coast. Enjoy a walk through beautifully cultivated gardens that give way to native vegetation and pristine forest.

Day 7: Botanical Garden

Make an excursion to the Madeira Botanical Gardens. Created in 1960 on the grounds of the Quinta do Bom Sucesso,  the plants have been collected from around the world and are showcased alongside sections of indigenous flora.

Day 8: Ponta de São Lourenço

In this remote, easternmost area of the island, the landscape becomes drier and can appear almost other-worldly. The hike takes you along a serrated line of cliffs tapering into jagged rocky islets.

Day 9: Lisbon

Return flight to Lisbon on the mainland. You will have time to explore the city on your own.

Day 10: Departure day

Transfer to the airport for departure.

Important Information

Best time of travel

April to May and September to October

Ideal duration of stay

8 to 10 days

Activity level

all levels possible

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