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La vida loca! Here you can enjoy life as it was meant to be: filled with lots of sun, music and wine. Life can be so easy and enjoyable here that once you’ve gotten to know the country, you may never want to leave! Spain offers everything from beautiful holiday islands to vibrant cities. The art city Bilbao, the capital Madrid and never-sleeping Barcelona provide contrast to the cosy villages and endless hectares of vineyards and olive trees. Immerse yourself in a country that for many is the definition of the word “holiday.”

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This hiking adventure takes you to the largest island of Spain. It is known for its sheltered bays, limestone mountains and both Roman and Moorish influence.

Camino de Santiago


Millions of pilgrims in recent centuries have travelled along Camino de Santiago de Compostela, one of the most important routes of Christianity apart from Rome and Jerusalem.

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