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Cheese, chocolate, clocks and the Matterhorn – Switzerland is known for many things. But we also have charming cities, beautiful architecture and crystal clear lakes on top of the Alps. Whether you are looking for a challenging adventure or a leisure tour to soak up the majestic scenery, our tours in Switzerland can be designed for anyone. Thanks to Switzerland’s advanced transportation system of cable cars, cog trains and lifts, there is always an easier or harder option to suit various fitness abilities. Come to Switzerland, experience an exciting activity and round off the day with a delicious fondue.

Tour ideas

On the footsteps of Heidi


From vibrant cities and fairytale villages to truly spectacular alpine landscapes, Switzerland has it all in one place. You have to head outdoors and walk, hike, cycle or kayaking to fully appreciate Switzerland's beauty.

Hike & rail


With routes that traverse the entire country, a Swiss journey by rail is the perfect way to see breathtaking mountains, charming mountain resorts, fascinating old towns, and beautiful lakes.

Villages & Mountains


Explore the beauty of Switzerland with the whole family. Hike on paths over mountains with stunning views, follow the path of the "Schellen Ursli" to get to know his story.

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